Thanks and how to report bugs

Hi all,

LambdaRogue 1.7 is now about one month old and I'm quite happy about the downloads so far. Also, thanks a lot to those who donated; much appreciated, and going to be used for future artwork commissions for the game.

I was travelling a lot in the last weeks, because I got 1 month off from my main job to reduce the over time that has accumulated over the last years. Next week I'm going back to work, and this also means back to roguelikes. As I mentioned last time, the next feature update will come in September (LambdaRogue 1.7.1), whereas I will care about bug fixes before. If you have something you want to report, please do so, either by message to me, or by adding a comment under one of my blog posts. I will add it to my issue tracker on the LambdaRogue website.

Finally, there's the 7DRL challenge coming up in march and I intend to participate with a tiny project. See this page for details:

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