Some gameplay additions for LambdaRogue 1.7

I'm writing a lot of additions currently for LambdaRogue 1.7. Some of these are pretty standard in roguelikes but have been missing in LambdaRogue so far (and a reason for that may be that I'm writing this game in a rather un-organized way. I don't have any design document or written road-map with mile stones, but instead I play the game and notice things I miss, then I add them and test them).

One of these things is the inclusion of an "unarmed" skill. Sometimes I'd like to fight without weapon, now this is possible in a decent way. Unarmed gives a bonus on your Move skill (which is needed for evasion in combat; in return, if you're using a two-handed weapon, Move skill is reduced a little). "Unarmed" means "no big weapon in your hand", but you can still put knuckles on your fingers (as alternative to rings). There's also a potion which increases that skill temporarily.

Another thing I missed is drinking. You always had to eat in LambdaRogue to avoid (1) negative status effects and (2) eventual starving. In v1.7 this will be complemented by the need for drinking. I mainly added this to give the wells (which are scattered throughout the dungeons) more purpose (currently, a random effect happens when drinking from wells, which means I rarely use them, only if I hope for a certain effect I need in a certain situation). Besides drinking from wells, any potion quenches a little thirst, you can drink from streams which are part of the environment (with a little chance of unhealthy effect on HP or PP), and of course also the restaurants have been updated with drinks.

A third thing are temporary status effects, like "poisoned for 5 turns" or "resistance to fire attacks for 4 turns". In v1.6.4 this is still a bit inconsistent. Esp. missing was a bonus or malus to the skills, like "better Sword skill for 2 turns" or "worse Fire-arm skill for 4 turns". I've added all of these, plus the related resistances. In the end, this means that there are now more than 30 new temporary effects possible. New items allow using them and coping with them.

As we are speaking of items, I've also added on the "grease weapon with potion" feature. It is now possible to use any potion for greasing, not just a few selected. This is for temporary status effects: Once you hit an enemy with the greased weapon, the grease will wear off. In v1.7 greasing may not just affect your enemies whom you hit with your weapon, but also yourself. For example, previously you were already able to grease your mighty axe with poison, to poison enemies (as long these were not resistant against poison because they deal poison by themselves, of course). You can now grease your weapon in antidot or vaccine, too, which adds a poison resistance effect to your weapon (and therefore you), the same as if the weapon itself had this effect buit-in. But when you hit a poisoned enemy with that weapon, this will cure the enemy's poison.

Amongst other changes in v1.7 will be some new sound effects, four new songs for the soundtrack, artwork updates to match the new tileset, several bug fixes and balancing adjustments.

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